Richy Viticulture

Since 1960 Richy viticulture has been the specialist in sales, repair and  
maintenance of wine harvest and crop equipment in line, in the regions of Mâconnais,
the Châlonnaise coast and Beaujolais in Burgundy.
richy viticultue concessionnaire new holland , tecnoma







Our Area


385 Route des Eaux Bleues 

71260  Lugny


Artisanale Champs Rouges

71150 Rully


LDT Patte d'oie

71960 Davayé

There is only one phone number for all our establishments  :
03 85 33 21 78 

Richy viticulture is partner of the biggest brands 

Thanks to our experience over the years, we have built partnerships with the biggest brands, in order to meet the demands of our customers with the solution adapted to their needs.



Richy is also second hand selling

Not all of our customers need new equipment, which is why we also have a fleet of quality used materials, which are regularly renewed.



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